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Some Important Information Concerning Eggs

Normally, when a baking recipe says “eggs” it means large eggs. Large eggs are the standard of the baking world.

I don’t use large eggs. I use extra large. This is entirely determined by HEB only selling 18 counts of their good eggs in the extra large size.

For the most part this doesn’t really matter. I use this lovely and informative egg chart to determine how many eggs I ought to use.

Egg Size Equivalents

Large is the standard, and normally extra large are used in a 1:1 ratio for large. But they are still slightly bigger, and a little more egg is a little more moisture and fat in a recipe. Recipes that call for whites will whip up bigger. Recipes that call for yolks will be more tender. I don’t know how much real difference it makes. One day I should do some comparisons.

Less useful, but still interesting is this other chart, which tells you how many whole eggs, whites, or yolks are necessary to make a cup for all the different sizes of eggs. Not many recipes list their egg requirements in cups, but occasionally you come across one that does.

# Eggs to Make a Cup

Finally, one large egg white normally equals ~2 tablespoons and one large egg yolk normally equals ~1 tablespoon. There are always outliers here though. I’ve seen some mighty small yolks.


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